MAN6305 – Contemporary Approaches to Project Management
The overall objective of the assignments is to develop a mature research paper that can potentially be submitted to a conference or journal. It will explore a theme or issue in contemporary project management. This theme is chosen by the student. The assignment is in two main parts.
Part 1 – Proposal & Final Presentation (Total 30%)
Assignment 1a: The Proposal
• The proposal should be submitted as shown in the unit plan schedule.
• The proposal should be 800 words and include some of the key literature, the problem or issue being addressed and a research question (if appropriate).
• The proposal and paper are closely interlinked. The purpose of the proposal is to get students started and to complete some background work so that they can go on to complete the full paper with some confidence.
• The proposal for a paper is worth 25%
Assignment 1b: Final Presentation of the Research Paper
• This presentation will explain the research paper
• It should include no more than 5 slides and be no longer than 10 minutes.
• On-line students should create a 5 minute video explaining their paper. • Presentations will take place in weeks 13 (and 14 if needed) • Presentations will be worth 5% of the total marks.
Part 2 – The Full Research Paper (70%)
Assignment 2: The Research Paper
• The full research paper should be submitted as shown in the unit plan schedule.
• The overall aim of the assignment is to produce a research based paper on a topic related to project management. The paper should be between 4000 and 5000 words and should demonstrate some in depth research of the literature.
• The full paper is worth 70%.
• The final paper will be assessed on the following criteria:
1. Level of research using the literature.
2. Contribution of the paper in terms of originality of the issue it is addressing.
3. Relevance and interest related to the topic.
4. The contribution of the paper in terms of what have we learnt?
5. Clarity and structure of argument.
6. Use of theory and theoretical contribution.
7. Relevance to practice.
To help clarify the assessment students should refer to the marking guide.