Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul

Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul
a. In crossing the Bridge, Turks and non-Turks interacts better in order to bring about the subject of music and cultures. All characters play different roles without any clear divisions to promote harmony in the film. Similarly, from Russian with love characters both Turks and non-Turks interact well in expressing the nature of love relationships.
b. In Midnight express, the Turks and non Turks does not seem to interact due nature of the character who tried escape from the Turkish prison.
c. Similar to Cross the bridge, Hamam film provides proper interaction between the Turks and non-Turks.
d. Unlike Cross the bridge, Ekümenopolis film does not reveal a good interaction between the Turks and the non-Turks.
I think that the global city presented by Ekümenopolis film is similar to the cultural values and trends shared by Cross the Bridge. For example, Cross the Bridge discusses about the growth of an international city to meet the standards of the world. Similarly, Ekümenopolis film explains his housing program that sought to replace poor housing units with modernized houses that matches the global standards.
a. It is clear that music can tell people everything about a certain place. Since, the background music in the previous films supports the critical themes and subjects in the film. Crossing the Bridge considered the cultural Turkish issues including marriage and urbanization.
b. However, the film overlooks the issues of leadership and economic growth in Turkey. These two issues are critical in the growth and development of the economy.
a. I think that the fictional films are superior in depicting the society by providing more stories that are appealing for the audience. The fictional films have a wider audience than the documentaries due to their storyline.
b. Apart from the fictional films, the documentaries provides actual information and events in the society. Thus, there are information is more reliable compared to the fictional films.
c. Both fictional films and documentaries can complete each other through offering actual information through the fictional storyline.