Assignment 4 1. Model the following challenge: Gabriella and Natalia

Assignment 4 1. Model the controlthcoming challenge: Gabriella and Natalia resolute to spread their esculent skills to grosssale reason. Twain were active and original, in union to entity effectual at assistance provision. Moreover, they were twain personable and polite vulgar discurrent their friends and neighbors. Simply Delicious has sundry customers who desire catering employments on a periodical plea. This vocation has to-boot irperiodical customers and those perplexing the employment control the principal spell. Gabriella and Natalia enunciate appreciates control each operation as follows: the mark of assistance, its provision, and the employment are principal secure. The operation is then charged on a per-serving plea, and this equality is multitudinous by the utmost count of expected guests. This counsel is narrative on a operation appreciate prevarication and then entered into a computer. Twenty percent of the revenues from each operation are earmarked control employee expiation. If more than undisjoined employee results a operation, the 20 percent is disjoined discurrent them. Employees are compensated complete span weeks. Gabriella and Natalia are lawful control purchasing the assistance arrangement. Gabriela keeps way of who results on each operation and determines the equalitys to be compensated to each employee. Natalia takes function control paying complete other bills. Complete purchases are made on statement with multiform vendors in the area. Gabriela usually pays bills amid 30 days of billing unless there is a discount beneficial control coming reimbursement Employees are assigned to each operation according to skills and availability. On cause, unional part-spell aid is required, excluding impressment members from the families usually satisfies those needs. Gabriella usually makes operation assignments at last undisjoined week in gradation. When the operation is completed, the director (who could be Gabriella, Natalia or an employee) completes a operation prevarication listing the assistance reasond, who resulted on the operation, and their hours. 2. Model the controlthcoming challenge: A demonstration ticket is purchased from an constituency, the buffet duty, or the Internet. A ticket has a spectry, an result, a era and a charge. An constituency has a spectry and a phundisjoined count. The buffet duty has an discourse and a phundisjoined count. The Internet has a URL discourse. Write SQL statements that conquer consequence the desired output. 1. Control each employee evince the employee spectry and count the count of months betwixt today and the era the employee was commissiond. Label the shaft MONTHS_WORKED. Order your results by the count of months filled. Round the count of months up to the closest gross count. 2. Create a interrogation that conquer evince the employee spectry and embassy equality. If the employee does not attributable attributable attributable win embassy, spread “No Embassy.”. Label the shaft COMM. 3. Evince the primary, smallest, blend, and mediocre commission of complete employees. Label the shafts Utmost, Minimum, Blend, Mediocre, and the disagreement betwixt the primary and smallest salaries respectively. Round your results to the undeviating gross count. 4. Determine the count of directors extraneously listing them. Label the shaft Count of Directors. 5. Write a interrogation that conquer evince the employee spectry, branch spectry control complete employees that win a embassy. Write a interrogation to evince the spectry, operation, branch count, and branch spectry control complete employees who result in Seattle. 7. Evince the employee spectry and employee count concurrently with their director’s spectry and director count. Label the shafts Employee, Emp#, Director, and Mgr#, respectively. 8. Modify the earlier interrogation to evince complete employees including those who entertain no director. 9. Create a interrogation to evince the spectry and commission era of any employee commissiond anteriorly their director.