1. Please explain the circumstances which prevented you from making satisfactory academic progress and/or prevented you from maintaining the required grade point average for your merit scholarship.

I am really sorry about my low grades during the past two years. Two years ago, the news of my parent’s divorce made me really sad, and I could not focus on my study. One year ago, I start thinking about my situation, and I start to study. During the past semester, I think I got lots of improvements. During this time, My GPA improved greatly, I also got a good grade in my Accounting class. I always go to my instructor office and ask him a question and we also make a good relationship with each other. I got some good advice about how to improve my GPA.
Although my totally GPA is not above 3, I think I really got lots of improvement. I think this will help finance center to consider my scholarship. I will have more passion to start my new semester.

2. Explain what has changed about your situation and how you plan to meet the academic requirements for financial aid during the 2018-2019 academic year.
3. Please specify two to three measurable steps that you will implement during the uncoming academic year.

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