EXPLANATION OF ASSIGNMENTS Essay on Film Analysis Writing a film analysis essay

EXPLANATION OF ASSIGNMENTS Essay on Film Analysis Writing a film analysis essay is an assignment that is less likely to terrorize those who fear the idea of writing an essay because it allows them to write about something most people enjoy. Film analysis is not the same thing as writing a movie review, which involves passively watching a movie. An analysis means you must engage on a level beyond that of storytelling. Task: For this assignment, you will produce an interpretive analysis that focuses on one film we have watched or will watch this semester. You must include at least 2 scholarly resources to back up your claims but the main evidence you use to develop your argument should come from details within the film itself. Your essay must be 5-6 typed pages written in 12″ Times New Roman Font, using 1″ margins. It must include MLA in-text citations, as well as an MLA, works cited page. BEAUTY & the BEAST (1999 – animated version) and identify its genre. There is a wide range of different types of film genres: detective, action/adventure, mystery, science fiction, horror, gangster, romance, comedy, musical, comedy, animation, detective, or spy thriller. Often, a movie may contain elements reflecting different genres. In this paper, you should argue how this particular film fits (or deviates from) its genres. How do the elements of the film we’ve studied combine to produce a certain visual and aural style in this film? Are these stylistic effects typically used in this genre? How may this film be subverting expected generic traits to produce something new? Bring in outside research as needed to help support or contextualize your claims. Helpful Tips: Watch the movie. Then watch it again. Take notes during the first viewing and, if you are analyzing a movie that is available on DVD, be ready with your remote control to pause and rewind. Writing an effective film analysis is best accomplished if you don’t have to rely on your memory of events, dialogue or cinematic techniques. Critically engage with the movie so that you can effectively produce a strong essay. Focus on a single thematic concept related to the film. Ideas for essays taking this route could include an analysis of how the film is photographed, how the movie relates a historical event in a dramatic way without compromising the facts or how a single sequence within the film relates to larger cinematic concepts, like overlapping dialogue or the utilization of dramatic irony. Introduce the film and its major participants, such as the actors and director. Include the name of another technician on the film if your analysis will be focusing on that aspect. For instance, cite the name of the cinematographer if you are going to be writing about the importance of shadows to film noir, or include the name of the composer of the movie’s score if you are writing about the importance of background music to the emotional tone of the film Provide a brief overview of the story but avoid the temptation to pad your word count by writing what amounts to a synopsis of the story rather than analysis. Reveal plots twists or the ending of the film only if they relate directly to your analysis. Familiarize yourself with technical jargon related to the art of filmmaking. Learn the difference between a cut and a dissolve. Write about subjective camera work if the analysis is dealing with a part of the movie shot from the point of view of one of the characters. Properly utilizing filmmaking terms will strengthen the authority of your essay. Writing Tips: Mechanics For any formal essay, you should follow the formatting guidelines of the profession style in the field — in this case, ML4 style. That means you should have o a heading (your name, the course, &c.), o a “header ” (your last name & the page number, which you can add using functions under the Insert tab in your word-processing program), and • an original, relevant title. Use italics for the title of any feature-length film. Grammar In discussing any work of art, including a film, you should use the present tense, not the past. As an upper-level English course, this one assumes that you have a general grip on basic organizational concepts (paragraphing, essay structure, &c.), grammatical concepts (sentence structure, agreement, modifier placement, parallelism, &c.), and punctuation.

Assignment 2 — Mobile client/server application Due date: 11:50 pm AEST, Friday Week 10 ASSIGNMENT

Assignment 2 — Mobile client/server application
Due date: 11:50 pm AEST, Friday Week 10 ASSIGNMENT
Weighting: 30%
Length: Less than 50 MB 2

This assessment item relates to the learning outcome 1, 2, 3 and 4. More specifically to design and implement a complex mobile application.
The objective of this assignment is for students to:
Develop, test and maintain a mobile internet application using an integrated suite of mobile software development tools. More specifically on the client side jQuery Mobile, JavaScript and HTML5 and CSS are used. On the server side we use JavaScript and the node server with various node packages. The Mongo database is used as a data store and that data is also stored locally on the mobile device. Using JavaScript store data in a mongdb database in a MLab cloud server using node express middleware.
You are assigned the task of creating a data logger to capture package location data in a mobile application that stores the data in a local database. The app has fields to record data for each of five cities were the app is employed. If a city is selected, a page (fragment) is shown to record data values for that city. An entry consists of city data. When the Save Log Entry button is pressed this data is saved locally in the application in a SQLDatabase. When the Show Log Entries button is pressed a related page (fragment) is shown that list all the date/time and data entries made for that city.
We will refer to our app as CityLogs. More details of these pages will be given in the sections below. You should also consult the weekly lecture/tutorials on the Moodle website for help and more information on completing the assignment. The tutorials contain step-by-step procedures for working through the assignment as well as some tips and extra help. Please read the lecture/tutorials on the Moodle website.
This app is to be tested using the Safari, FireFox or Chrome browser and tested on an Android or iPhone mobile device.
Client Side HTML / CSS / JavaScript Mobile Application
You are to implement this app using HTML5, CSS, JQuery Mobile and Cordova Phonegap.
The app is used by a delivery company to record driver logs for package delivery by the company. Packages are delivered to a number of cities.
Images for the page/views required to implement the assignment were given in assignment 1 and are further refined in the following figures. Please note that the illustrations are for reference only, and your actual pages will be based on the CSS style-guide in use on your actual mobile device.
Home page view
The home page view is the same as in assignment 1.
City view
The pages for entering the city data are all the same as in assignment 1 and so are not discussed further.
City logs view
The City logs page is similar to that in assignment 1. The updated city logs page is shown in Fig. 1. Note the view now has a Get … button on the left of the header bar. Also note the button in the footer is now a Back button. Pressing this should take the user back to the previous page (city data entry view).
Fig. 1: City logs page.
Send button
When the Send… button is tapped all the city logs for that city are sent to the local server (and saved in the file logs/logs.dat. The city data is also saved to the cloud mLab mongdb database set up for this purpose. You should provide a success or failure alert. In the success alert, show the data that has been sent. When a response is received another alert should indicate success or failure. When city logs have been sent the local city logs should be cleared from localStorage so that the city page will now not show any logs.
If the Yes button is pressed the Send logs dialog shown in Fig. 2 is presented and we return to the city view. If the No button is pressed we just return to the city view.
Fig. 2: Logs sent confirmation.
Get logs button
The Get logs button is used to search the mLab mongdb database for all database entries that match the city (Perth in the figure). The entries returned are shown on a new page as shown in Figure 3. The entries are to be shown below the Cloud city log entries: label as shown in the figure 3. Appropriate alerts need to be made when the request is sent and when a response is received. The Back button takes the user to the previous page and Home takes the user to the home page.
Fig. 3: Cloud Logs entries page.
Server Side: node+packages and JavaScript server script
Our user data scheme has the following fields:
• city – one of {Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide}
• time – the time log was recorded
• latitude –the latitude of the log
• longitude –the longitude of the log
• contact – contact details of the log
• invoice – invoice number of the log
• destination – parcel destination city ?
This data is to be stored in the mLab mongdb database in a city_logs collection. Entries are also to be echoed (written) to a file in the ./logs directory of the local server in a file called logs.dat.?
The server will have the following URL that provides requested services. The URL is based on http://your.IP.address/city/.
Your web service API will support these actions:
search/:query– searches for users in the mLabs database and returns all logs with that :query value. :query will be one of the city names{Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide} to search for. So valid URLs would look like http://your.IP.address/city/search/Perth or http://your.IP.address/city/search/Adelaide.
:city/log – appends the city entry to the local server file ./logs/logs.dat and to the mLabs city_log mongdb databases logs collection. For example valid URL’s using this scheme are http://your.IP.address/city/Perth/log and http://your.IP.address/city/Sydney/log.
Fig 4. Message flow from App to local disk storage and Cloud database
Fig. 4 shows the message streams in the application. Ideally the mobile device POST’s requests to the WWW and receives responses from the WWW. The node server listens for requests on a port. The requests data will be routed to the local mongdb database at mLabs. Requests for the information in the mongdb database would be returned to the node server for POST’ing back to the mobile device. The server should produce meaningful output each time a request is received or sent.
Your node server code will consist of a number of files; server.js will contain your business logic, common.js and config.js contains common utility functions and network configuration information. The server.js file will use express middleware to create a server and router to route the web service API to the handler code that writes the JASON data to your mongdb mLabs database, and returns data from this database to the mobile device. A sample of the kind of responses the server should produce is given in fig. 5
Fig. 5 Sample server screen feedback
See the weekly lecture/workshops for weeks 8, 9 and 10 for more information on this assignment.
Required Documentation
You are also to prepare a Word document. Your word document should include an appropriate title page. Your word document should have sections that address the commentary, hardware and software requirements and the financial analysis given below
Plan for a Testing Strategy for your Mobile App
Your document should:
• Discuss the selection of mobile browser models, mobile OS’s and device manufacturers for your testing process
• Discuss whether testing is required on actual devices and what part emulators/simulators can play in this process
• Document functional and UI testing of the app.
Financial Case & Commentary of Application Features
Your document should:
• List the features you successfully implemented and those you were unable to successfully implement; you should describe the problem in a few sentences and also briefly describe anything you attempted to do to get it to work. Your approach to identifying and attempting to fix these bugs may gain you some partial credit for those features you were unable to implement.
• A description of any additional functionality you believe would be useful to add to this app should be included. Explain what the features are and how they would help to improve the app.
• Are there any ethical considerations in making this kind of service available?
• Discuss the economic/financial case for the proposed system.
Assume this simple exercise leads you to consider developing a fully-fledged CityLogs application (that is generalised to handle any kind of log data) with increased functionality. Assume you model 3 cases; one with 10 users, one with 1,000 users and one with 10,000 users.
– Assume staff development time is costed at $100/hour. Given how long it has taken you to develop this exercise what do you estimate technical development costs to be in hours? What are the development costs for the 3 models, assuming development time increase by 50% for each of the scenarios?
– Database storage costs. If you use the mongdb mLabs service to store CityLogs entries, how much would this cost for your proposed user base, assuming 10 entries per month per user?
– Discuss your marketing campaign for each of the three cases and estimate a cost for each of these.
– Then estimate you break even point (revenue costs) in the 3 scenarios? Comment on the results of this analysis.
You are required to submit your assignment electronically via the Moodle course website. The deliverable is a rar or zipped directory containing all the code and resources needed for testing. You must tar, rar or zip together:
• The directory containing all the files, folders, images required to test your mobile application
• Your Word document
The resulting gzip, rar or zip file should be submitted on the course website. Please note that you should use your student number as the name for your gzip, rar or zip file when uploading to Moodle so that all students work can be linked back to the author.
Assessment criteria
Lecturer’s Signature Date

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Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: 1.Analyze the business-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the business-level strategy you think is most important to the long-term success of the firm and whether or not you judge this to be a good choice. Justify your opinion. . 2.Analyze the corporate-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the corporate-level strategy you think is most important to the long-term success of the firm and whether or not you judge this to be a good choice. Justify your opinion. Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper basing on my coursework grades. 3.Analyze the competitive environment to determine the corporation’s most significant competitor. Compare their strategies at each level and evaluate which company you think is most likely to be successful in the long term. Justify your choice. . 4.Determine whether your choice from Question 3 would differ in slow-cycle and fast-cycle markets. . 5.Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources. . Must have headers for each sections.

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The recent shipments of reprocessed Pu from Europe to Japan around the Cape has elicited intense local debate. Provide some quotes from recent newspaper articles on the subject. Outline the chemical and physical features of Pu and the form in which it is found on the transporting vessels. Also review the predicted physical and chemical aspects of Pu should it be introduced into the ocean. Draw some conclusions as to the safety of the shipments.

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Apply information from the Case Study to answer the following questions: Samantha is an 18 month old female with a two day history of diarrhea and vomiting. She has had 4-5 episodes of non-bilious emesis per day. She has also had 3 episodes of runny, watery stools per day. Her appetite has decreased but she has been tolerating small amounts of pedialyte and milk. She has had a slightly decreased amount of wet diapers. She has no signs of dehydration on physical exam and is alert and active. The diagnosis is viral gastroenteritis with no signs of dehydration. The stool studies ruled out bacterial or parasitic gastroenteritis. • Which essential questions will you ask a pediatric patient or his or her caregiver when the presenting complaint is bloody diarrhea? Will these questions vary depending upon the child’s age? Why or why not? What clinical or historical findings will indicate the need for diagnostic studies and why? Which diagnostic studies will you initially order and why? • What would be three differential diagnoses in this case? • How do the common causes of vomiting differ in infants, children, and adolescents? What clinical or historical findings will indicate the need for diagnostic studies and why? Which diagnostic studies will you initially order and why?

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation Utilizing the information you compiled for your literature review paper, and the feedback you received from your instructor about the literature review, prepare a 10-15 minute Power Point presentation on your topic, summarizing the key points and conclusions. Be sure to direct this presentation to an audience in the community. For example, if your paper pertained to a topic in developmental psychology, direct your presentation toward parents, or a parenting center. If your topic pertained to substance abuse, direct it toward a community service agency which may use this information for educating teens or parents about preventing drug use, or current clients about treatments and facilities available. Please state in your presentation the specific audience toward whom your presentation is aimed. Include a reference page in APA format, as well as speaker notes and an audio file with your presentation. Your slides should provide answers to the following questions: What was your topic? What question did you hope to answer by completing this literature review paper? Explain the practical implications of the conclusions of the literature review and the audience to which they are directed. Given the results of your literature review, what is/are the prevailing argument(s)? In other words, which of those is supported by the existing evidence? Be sure to include full coverage of the arguments, including strengths and weaknesses of each of them, supported by your findings from reviewing the relevant articles. Did the researchers consider multicultural factors in their studies? If not, what factors may be involved? What multicultural factors should future studies include? What ethical issues are related to your topic and/or discussed in the studies you reviewed? How do the conclusions of your literature review relate to the various specialization areas in psychology? Tie them to as many as apply from the following areas: biological, cognitive, developmental, social, personality theory, psychopathology, and applied psychology. How can the conclusions of your literature review inform the population towards whom your presentation is directed? How can they apply this information to their daily lives? What advice or ‘take home message’ can you provide to your audience based on the research you reviewed? What research question could you ask in order to further develop this area of study? Why is your research question important and relevant to the current work being done on your topic? Your presentation should also follow these guidelines: It should be approximately 10-15 minutes in length. It should be clear, concise, and professional. Writing should be free of spelling and grammatical errors; it should conform to current APA style (including any in-text citations). It should include graphs, tables, figures, or images illustrating your ideas. There should be a final slide listing references in current APA style. The bulk of the text should be placed in the Notes pages of each slide. Keep the amount of text on the slide, itself, to a minimum. You should record an audio file of your oral presentation. You should also type the text of the speech you would give while showing these slides to an audience should be typed into the Notes area. If you are unable to use the audio feature, the Notes text will suffice. You can refer to the Power Point tips document provided in the Doc Sharing section of the course. Submit your presentation to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned..

Develop Instructional Programming for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Severe Disabilities

Part I: For this task, based on an analysis of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder or more severe disabilities, write an essay that indicates your understanding of the following: Definition of: Autism Spectrum Disorder Asperger Syndrome Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified severe disabilities Characteristics of students with: Autism Spectrum Disorder severe disabilities Best-practice instructional strategies for students with: Autism Spectrum Disorder severe disabilities Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pages References: Minimum of three scholarly resources Part II: As a leader in special education within an educational institution of personal interest, develop a description of best-practice instructional programming for students with high incidence disabilities involving autism and severe disabilities to include: A comprehensive description of the types of available special education programs and inclusionary opportunities in regular education classrooms to legally meet these students’ educational needs. How the effectiveness of these special education programs and regular education inclusionary opportunities for these students would be regularly evaluated. How special education teachers for these special education programs as well as regular education teachers would receive on-going training to effectively meet these students’ educational needs. Length: 3-5 pages, not including title and reference pages References: Minimum of three scholarly resources