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To Be or Not To Be Review – Version 1

Watch the following performances of Hamlet’s famous soliloquy “To Be or Not to Be” Take notes on each performance, then write a paper reviewing three of them. Be sure to select three from different decades. Consider: setting, costume, sound effects, presence or entrance of other characters, arrangement of lines (cuts/edits), use of the dagger, expressiveness of the actor. Does the performance accentuate the idea that Hamlet is mad? How? Write a reader-response essay identifying your favorite performance and explain why […]

context paper

You should write a Context paper with a length of 600-750 words, the work cited page does not count toward fulfilling this requirement, papers may exceed this length limit. The research paper’s topic is : AIDS in Africa. How widespread is it? Whom does it affect? What is needed to curb it? What is being done?. However, this is a context paper, its goal is to discover and present the background information in your topic: describe the historical context of […]

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Read some Mother Goose nursery rhymes, children stories or fables, and identify themes or messages that seem to condone violence and abuse of children and women. Be sure to identify and support the themes of violence.   For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now! What We Offer: • On-time delivery guarantee • PhD-level writers • Automatic plagiarism check • 100% money-back guarantee • 100% Privacy and Confidentiality • High Quality custom-written papers

same sex marriage in society today

During this unit, we will use the drama genre to identify characters’ personality traits as they relate to greater ideas and issues in society such as mental illness, religion/faith, capitalism, socialism, childcare, drug use/abuse, the bystander effect, etc. For this unit, you will explore what labels define you, how those definitions influence your personal decisions, and the consequences of those actions. Overview of the Essay: For this essay, you will write an in-depth literary analysis that discusses how monologues and […]

Netflix discussion

Netflix and the Movie Rental Industry Case (in our eBook) Discussion Board Questions Read the section in chapter three of the eBook about 5 Forces Analysis and Driving Forces. The five forces model of competition measures the intensity of competition within an industry. Driving Forces are the things causing an industry to change. Discussion Post Assignment: 1) A movie studio makes a movie then wants to get money for letting people experience it. They don’t really care which way we […]

The seafaring labour market in Brazil

Review the paper ��The Seafaring Labour Market in Brazil’ and critically appraise the work. Include in the report: •Details of the significance of the research •Suitability of the methodology used •Appraisal of the arguments developed •Appraisal of the presentation of the work including the clarity of the objectives and conclusions •Discussion on any improvements that could be made to the research For a custom paper on the above topic, place your order now! What We Offer: • On-time delivery guarantee […]

Film A nalysis

Click on “Course pages by Department” and then type in “Dance 100.” Click on “Streaming Course Reserves.” When you are prompted for a password, type “pxpxn295” 1. RIZE: A great film about Krumping in East L.A. directed by David LaChapelle, 2005. 2. Ballet Russes: Wonderful film that follows the lives of the people who were in the original Ballet Russes de Monte Carlo (from the early twentieth century, after they left the company). It also gives a good overview of […]

Business Consulting

APA Format Filler Up Coffee Shop Filler Up Coffee is a small family owned shop. The owners, two generations of coffee growers have decided to enter the market in San Antonio, TX. They plan on opening their coffee shop on the northeast side of San Antonio, TX. As coffee growers, they have experience with different types of coffee beans. They plan on setting up a shop that will attract a diverse customer base. Since they are new to the market, […]

Inmates Classification and Security Worksheet

1. What was the positivist school and how would it relate to the medical model? Explain the medical model (make sure you include the history of this concept). 2. What are the purposes of inmate classification? 3. What are some objectives of inmate rehabilitation? 4. Distinguish classification for management and classification for treatment. 5. What is subjective classification and how does it compare to the objective classification systems? 6. What are internal classification systems? 7. Explain the importance of the […]

The decline and fall of the english major

summarizing the article 1-what motived the writer to produce this piece? 2-what social, cultural, political, legal, or economic conversation does this argument join? 3-what is the writer is purpose ? 4- what assumption, values, beliefs would reader have to hold to find this argument persuasive? 5-how well does the text suit its particular audiences and purpose? Applying these question? 1- is the writer responding to bill pending in congress, a recent speech by a political leader, or local event that […]